A little history...

Patrick corbett's destiny was laid out before him when he received, as a gift, his first microphone (Fisher price) at the tender age of 5. Since that day, he has travelled forth to become a self taught musician, singer/song writer/vocalist, performer, broadcaster, band leader, tv host, producer (music/tv) and (of course) an "├╝ber" talented voice over artist. he is an accomplished and award winning graduate of Fanshawe college's renowned 'music industry arts program'. It was during his time there where he was lucky enough to be taught and mentored by legendary music producer jack richardson ( the guess who, alice cooper, bob seger, kim mitchell) .

Patrick also holds a bachelor of arts degree (international relations) from dalhousie university. he is very thankful for the 10 years he spent working along side the many talented people at rogers tv, serving as a sales consultant, tv host, announcer, series producer and editor.

patrick has been a professional voice over artist for over a decade, working with interesting, fun and creative individuals from around the world... and loving every minute of it.

pat@patrickcorbettvoiceovers.com >>