patrick corbett is available for in-studio sessions anywhere within the extended toronto/gta area. his personal studio is fully equipped for high-quality voice overs and productions. studio equipment includes: studio projects c1 mic, mxl v69me(modified) tube mic, rode nt1-a mic, focusrite isa 220 (preamp,compressor,eq), motu 8-pre interface, logic pro recording/editing software.

Voice overs can be delivered WORLDWIDE within 24hrs via mp3, wave, aiff file by email, ftp or on cd by overnight delivery. phone patch available for directing mp3 sessions.


Do you do auditions?
Absolutely! Send me your script.
Can my order be done within a day?
In most cases "yes". There may be exceptions though due to certain project lengths and special requests.
Are your services affordable?
Less expensive than some... more expensive than others. I understand budgets. Email me your script, let me know what kind of budget you're working with and I'm sure we can arrange something that'll be suitable for the both of us.
What if I want a retake?
Re-takes are free. A small fee will be applied for rewrites after delivery.
Are you union or non union?
Non union.
How should I prepare the script?
Please spell phonetically any techincal/regional names/words in your script. To help ensure correct script timing, read your script out loud several times to yourself at a rate and pace that fits the nature and theme of the text. If you need futher assisstance, I have years of experience with this kind of stuff and can help you out for an additional small fee.
How will my voice over be delivered to me?
1- Email your script with suggested voice direction. 2- Let me know your budget for the voice over. 3- I record it and send you a link to hear it on Patrick Corbett 4- You approve the voice over by clicking on the "Pay Now" button on my "contact" page. 5- Once payment is received your voice over will be delivered to you via MP3, WAVE, AIFF file by email, FTP or on CD by overnight delivery.
How easy and enjoyable is it working with you?
So easy and enjoyable... it defies all logic ;-)