Patrick Corbett is one of the most versatile voice over artists working today. Widely sought after for his warm, friendly, natural voice / reads, he's a great choice for narrations and for a wide variety of commercial work. What really stands out though is his unique ability to "turn on a dime" when asked and deliver everything from the "average-everyday guy" read to the "in-your-face-voice-of-god-adrenaline-soaked-hair-on-fire anNouncer" type performance. and while true... he can't "do it all" (HE'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO DO A PROPER 'CHRISTOPHER WALKEN')... patrick, comes pretty darn close!

Clients work with Patrick because of his 10 years + experience, his professionalism, likeability as well as his intuitive knack of quickly "getting" what the script aims to communicate. Talented, versatile, affordable and able to save you time and money by ensuring a quick production/delivery turn around time, patrick is the perfect choice for your next voice over project

What’s New

"There's no business like show business".... So True :-)

I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I do for a living. For some strange reason people continue to "dig" what i can do with my voice. So... what have you been up to pat? Well... YOu can hear me narrate HGTV's newest series "The real designing women" starting this June.... Mill street brewery.."This is life on mill street with brewmaster joel manning" (yep... That's me!) canadian tire website (product/how-to/"What you need to know" videos). and as always a boat load of corporate narrations & e-training videos. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks as always to all the fun, talented people who have and continue to choose Patrick Corbett for their voice over projects. It's a privilege. Peace... Out for now... good people of Earth :-)